Break Ups



Lets face it, breaking up is hard to do. When we first find out our love doesn't want to be with us anymore it is heart breaking. Ex girlfriends/boyfriends will always have a place in your heart but it just fades away as time passes. Some of the best breakup advice is found on online forums and other chat room type places where you can get your true feelings out and let your voice be herd.

There are many methods to use when dealing with a breakup. The first and best method is to go "no call" or NC. No call is the best way for you to recover from the breakup because it allows you to heal without knowing that your ex is off having the time of their life. No call is the hardest thing to do at first, but when you start to realize that you feel better when you don't talk to your ex, you stop. Breaking no call is a big no no because it make you vulnerable to more emotional term oil that you shouldn't be dealing with.

Counseling is a good way to help get over a breakup and it has show to provide oneself many benefits. When talking to someone else about your problems you are getting your feelings out of your head and you feel so much better. Ex's never want to hear that you are doing this though so never tell! Don't feel bad for getting professional help, because you need to do what's best for you and not care what other people think.













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